During the day I´m a Software Development Manager at, at home a Husband and Father of two Sons. Love : Technology & Photography and I'm a Workshifting Evangelist

  • Theo van der Sluijs
  • May 14, 1975
  • Wolphaartsdijk, Zeeland, NL
  • +31 6 28 13 55 26

Important events

  • Macbook2012


    My first MacBook Pro (13")

  • Birth2010

    Quinten Elijah

    April 30, birth of my second son!

  • Mac Mini2009


    My first Mac, and it was mini!

  • Adobe Max2009


    5 days to LA for the Adobe Max!

  • Birth2007

    Jesse Indiana

    Ferbuari 10, birth of my first son!

  • Married2003


    Got married to Daniëlle, August 29.

  • First Digital Organiser2002

    Casio BE 300

    Could do anything the box said, but it couldn't do a thing.

  • First own domain1999

    My first own domain, costed me just 120 dollar a year!

  • First (commercial) Website1998

    ASP (classic)

    For a big dutch festival. The main sponsor (a big TV channel) had difficulties believing I actually build this!

  • Fist (commerciële) application1997

    ASP (classic)

    For a big dutch festival. Written a ASP (classic) MS Access app for all the artists to keep track when they arrived and what was on their wishlist!

  • First mobile1996

    KPN Tango

    My first mobile. Stundents in my class told me I was crazy walking with this mobile in my pocket!

  • Summercamp1996

    Camp Herrlich

    3 months working at Camp Herrlich New York state. The very poor children came here from some of the bad parts of New York, to have a real vacation.

  • First PC1990

    Intel 386

    Costed me a fortune, and I had to buy extra RAM. My friends told me I would never need more than 20MB HDD and 265KB RAM, well guess what!

  • First computerwatch1989

    Casio Databank CD-40

    Was hard to get it programmed, but could do all kinds of great stuff. Okay Michael Knight his watch was way better!

  • First own written game1984

    Commodore 64

    My own game! Wow...! You had to type in the answer to questsion the computer asked!.

  • First homecomputer1982

    Commodore 64

    My parents spend a forture to buy me my first computer

  • Born1975


    On May 14, 1975 I was born in a Hospital in Rotterdam.


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  • ABAP

  • Actionscript3


  • ASP classic

  • VB

  • Lotus Script


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