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Report: Less than 6 accounts control 80% of the wealth of the main stablecoins

A report published by Cryptosoft has found extreme centralization of wealth among many of the top stablecoins; at least 80% of the total capitalization of the top five stablecoins is in less than six accounts. CoinMetrics found that the majority of at least 20% of transfers made using most stablecoins are valued at less than

A subscription model similar to Spotify is proposed for warranty payments

A new blockchain protocol funded by the Web 3.0 Foundation promises to reduce collateral requirements in DeFi and cross-string applications. Interlay received a foundation grant to build a bridge between Polkadot and Bitcoin (BTC). The latest document resulting from this project, „Promise: Harnessing Future Gains for Collateral Reduction,“ proposes a new protocol. IOV Labs presents